Why Location Matters When Buying Commercial Property

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Why Location Matters When Buying Commercial Property

7 February 2023
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Looking to purchase commercial property? You'll want to consider more than just the price tag and other financial factors.

Location is a key factor when it comes to buying any type of real estate. Here are four reasons why location should guide you when you're buying commercial property.


The easier it is for people to get to your business, the more likely they are to visit. Potential customers won't want to drive too far out of the way, so you'll want to make sure the commercial property you purchase has good accessibility from major roads or highways. This is especially important if you rely on foot traffic and local customers.

Additionally, if you have employees who will be commuting, a convenient location can also be attractive for them. They'll be able to get to work quickly and easily, so make sure you look for properties with easy access.


Having a commercial property with good visibility is important for gaining brand recognition and driving more business your way. Being located near popular stores or landmarks can also help increase the visibility of your business, leading to more potential customers being drawn to it.

Additionally, many businesses benefit from having a presence in popular shopping districts or malls. Make sure you check out the surrounding area when you're considering a commercial property for sale to make sure you can take advantage of any existing foot traffic.

Expansion Potential

If you plan on expanding your business in the future, having a location with room for growth is ideal. Look for a property that not only meets your current needs but allows you flexibility and space should expansion become necessary down the road.

You don't want to outgrow your property quickly and have to start all over again. Locations with high expansion potential will typically be in areas with room to build or add on to existing buildings. Others may be located near areas experiencing rapid growth and development, allowing you to take advantage of the potential for increased business.

Local Regulations

Every city or town has different regulations when it comes to opening a business, so make sure you understand what those regulations are before committing to any commercial real estate sale in that area.

Your real estate agent can help with this, as they should know all of the local rules and regulations surrounding businesses in that specific location. They can direct you to the proper channels to get any permits or licenses.

The location actually matters when purchasing commercial property. You don't want an inconvenient spot that won't attract customers or one that limits your ability to expand in the future. Before making any decisions about which commercial property is right for you, take into account these important factors. Doing your research upfront may save you time and money down the line.

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